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SUNDAY, November 27, 2022
Latest : EC denies delay in election date 

Latest : EC denies delay in election date 

WEDNESDAY, January 02, 2019

The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday reiterated that there has been no postponement to the election day.

EC Secretary General Jarungwit Pumma said: “There is currently no royal decree for the election but this does not mean the election date will be postponed.”
He was responded to widespread rumours that the day will be delayed from February 24.
Jarungwit also dismissed reports that EC officials had telephoned the political parties to alert them about the postponement. Rumours claimed the EC may delay the day because it could not have the election ballots printed in time for the poll.
“Concerning the ballots, we already finished drafting the terms of reference for the publishing. The printing would be certainly finished in time,” the secretary general said.
Jarungwit said the EC has to announce the results of at least 95 per cent of MP election within 60 days of the vote.
In the past, the EC has announced results within a month, he said.