Thu, June 30, 2022


Pheu Thai executives to discuss timing of party caucus: Phumtham

Pheu Thai secretary-general Phumtham Wechayachai on Saturday said that he party executives would soon meet to discuss the date of the party’s first general assembly held after the 2014 coup.

Phumtham said the executives would discuss the form and date of the assembly and would inform the Election Commission of the decisions in line with the political party law. The law requires a party to inform the EC five days in advance of holding a caucus.
An assembly can be scheduled after the chief of the National Council for Peace and Order issued an order on Friday to partially relax the political party ban.
Phumtham said the Pheu Thai executives need to discuss the form of the assembly because the NCPO chief's Order No 13/2561 requires the assembly to have a quorum of 250 members.
Phumtham said the party has assigned its legal experts to study the political party law and two orders of the NCPO that seem to have contradictory provisions on certain issues, including the timeframe for parties to set up their branches.
He said the NCPO should have entirely lifted the political ban on parties rather than the easing to certain restrictions, as political parties need to communicate with their supporters via all channels.
Phumtham added that it did not make sense for the junta to cite security reasons to retain much of the ban. There was nothing for the NCPO to fear ahead of the election, he said.

Published : September 15, 2018

By : The Nation