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Supreme Court upholds verdicts in case against PDRC-demo attackers

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld an Appeals Court jail sentence for one of the accused in an attack on demonstrators from the now-defunct People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) in front of the Shinawatra Building on Vibhavadi Road in early 2014, and freed the other due to insufficient evidence.

The two were accused of attacking the group during a PDRC demonstration against then-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra while passing the building.
They were charged with possessing weapons, carrying weapons in public areas, and attempted murder.
No-one was injured or killed in the incident.
The first court to hear the case ruled that former red-shirt guard Narongsak Plai-aram and Thanin Sinthusonthichart be sentenced to 43 years and four months each.
The Appeal Court later reduced the jail term for Narongsak to 35 years and four months, while overturning the verdict against Thanin due to insufficient evidence.
The Supreme Court in December upheld the Appeals Court’s ruling.
It was today read to the plaintiffs’ prosecutors again.

Published : January 16, 2018

By : The Nation