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Proposed party amendment ‘may affect election road map’

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A proposed amendment of the political party law could be pursued but it would affect timeframes under the election road map, National Legislative Assembly (NLA) president Pornpetch Wichitcholchai said on Tuesday.

Pornpetch was referring to a proposal by the founder of the Peoples’ Reform Party, Paiboon Nititawan, who is seeking legal amendments, especially on the matter of party registration.
Paiboon has said that the system, which currently allows parties to recheck their membership rolls and collect fees from those people, disadvantaged new parties that had to seek new members.
He said the process should be completely reset to allow equal treatment for all.
Pornpetch said amendment to the law was possible but this would affect the timeframes given to parties to complete registration and other tasks required under the law’s provisional chapter. Moreover, it could also affect the road map to the election, Pornpetch said.

Published : December 12, 2017

By : The Nation