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Man who released cobras in central Bangkok being tested for mental problems

A man who caused chaos by stopping his Mercedes Benz in the middle of a busy intersection near the Central World shopping complex in Bangkok before releasing several cobras yesterday will be charged with littering.

Colonel Thawatkiat Jindakuansanong, deputy city police commander, identified the man as Kanetpissanuthep Chakkapobmahadecha, also known as K Roilarn or K 100 million.The suspect will also be charged with carrying knives in public and blocking traffic.
The suspect stopped his new vehicle in the middle of the Ratchaprasong intersection on Wednesday at about 6pm amid heavy traffic. He then released the snakes and walked around with a knife in one hand and a snake in the other. 
The 44-year-old was shouting and approached bystanders and traffic police, who ran away. The man’s head and shirt were covered with blood and some news agencies claimed he chopped off the snakes’ heads.
People videoed the incident until police arrested him.
Thawatkiet said Kanetpissanuthep showed signs of stress and rambling, and he could not breathe and had a tight chest.
Police then sent him to Chulalongkorn Hospital, fearing he had been bitten by a snake.
His mental condition was examined at Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry, with the results yet to be released. 
He told police his actions were out of respect for Buddha and religion. Thawatkiat quoted the suspect as saying that he was told by his monk to receive power from the sun to help the world escape from disaster.
The cobras were bought from villagers in Nakhon Sawan province and not intended to harm anyone, Kanetpissanuthep told police.
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His wife told police that Kanetpissanuthep had been under stress as his mother died late last year and his sister was diagnosed with cancer.
Early this month, his monk died, adding to Kanetpissanuthep's anxiety.
Police checked into his prior record and found that the man sprayed his car to show support for General Sonthi Bunyaratklin, a coup leader in 2006.
Last week he caused a scene at a shopping mall in Pathumwan district by shouting at people, Thawatkiat said.

Published : April 25, 2019

By : Kanathit Srihiranyadej The Nation