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Narathiwat bombing kills one; 3 injured earlier as violence rocks South

A 54-YEAR-OLD woman injured when a roadside bomb went off in Narathiwat’s Bacho district yesterday morning died later at Bacho Hospital.

Narathiwat bombing kills one; 3 injured earlier as violence rocks South

Initial investigation found that the explosion had been caused by a 5-kilogram bomb hidden in a pile of wood along a road in tambon Kayoh Mati. The explosive was possibly meant for rangers passing by on a pick-up truck, but it went off later, and Jehmoh Sani, who was eating nearby, was hit by bomb shrapnel in the torso and on the head and leg by flying wooden planks. 
In a separate incident at 10.38pm on Wednesday night, a group of five or six suspected insurgents, armed with M16 and AK47 rifles, opened fire at a border patrol unit’s outpost in Ban Sri Phangan in tambon Koh Sathon of Narathiwat’s Tak Bai district. 

Outpost gunfight
This led to a gunfight behind the outpost, while another team showed up in the front to plant a 25kg bomb made from a cooking gas cylinder. Police later collected some 50 spent cartridges from the scene. 

Narathiwat bombing kills one; 3 injured earlier as violence rocks South
As the insurgents fled into the night, they flung pipe bombs to stop state officers from pursuing them. 
The inspection led by provincial police chief Pol Maj-General Dusadee Chusangkit and officials from other related agencies yesterday morning found that the 25kg bomb had totally destroyed the outpost’s two prefabricated buildings – one of which caught fire and toppled onto four parked vehicles. 
The attack injured a civilian and two soldiers – Master Sergeant Chana Chanthawong, 42, who was hit in the stomach with bomb shrapnel, Private Uthen Chanmanee, 23, who was hit by bomb shrapnel in the ankle, and Afi Jehseumae, 24, who was loading coconuts on a boat nearby. Afi was hit in the head by bomb shrapnel. 
All three victims are stable. 
Army officers had initially questioned several villagers loading coconuts at a nearby pier about this incident, which authorities said was part of the ongoing unrest in the deep South. 

Published : March 14, 2019