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Govt to launch labour research centre next month

The National Labour Research Centre (NLRC) will soon spring into action to help the country cope with digital disruption and facilitate labour development.

The Labour Ministry will create the NLRC in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University (CU). 

“We need to develop a big-data system for the labour sector, which will be affected by technology and artificial intelligence,” Jarin Chakkaphark, Labour Ministry’s permanent secretary, said on Wednesday.
He added that his ministry and CU will sign a cooperation pact and launch the NLRC together next month. The NLRC is expected to provide comprehensive data on labour for interested users. 
“We will ensure that the NLRC will integrate relevant information from related organisations too,” he said. 
Jarin said integrated data will facilitate planning for labour development and policy-making. 
“All sectors of Thailand will be able to make use of data provided by the NLRC,” he added. 
He believes the use of data will allow the country’s workforce to keep pace with changes brought on by the government’s Thailand 4.0 strategy. 
“With NLRC support, labour planning will be efficient and labour development will become sustainable,” Jarin said. 
The Labour Ministry also plans to develop an open platform for jobs in partnership with CU. Both organisations discussed this plan at a meeting last week.

Published : December 12, 2018

By : The Nation