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Beware ‘Canadian’ farmworker scam, Thai workers warned

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The Department of Employment (DOE) is warning Thais who wish to work in the agricultural sector in Canada to beware of fraud on social networking sites.

Canada no longer accepts foreign unskilled workers, the department warns, and people risk being duped of job application fees, or even subject to harm in the foreign country, after being lured by empty promises.

DOE director-general Phetcharat Sinuay said her office had detected a Facebook page, which claimed to be based in Toronto, inviting Thai agricultural workers who were working in Israel to instead move to secure permanent jobs at a company in Canada.

The page required interested workers to fill out a form linked to the page, and to wait for a reply. Viewers were also given the option to call for more information to a phone number starting with 050 (a number code for VoIP phone communication).

Phetcharat said that Canada long ago stopped accepting foreign unskilled workers, and had cancelled visas for most foreigners wishing to do farm work other than for a small number of previously admitted worm collectors.

People should not fall for claims offering assistance to get permanent farm jobs in Canada.

Phetcharat also warned Thais working on Israeli farms not to fall for promised unskilled farm jobs in Canada, as they could end up losing money and suffering in the foreign land.

“If you wish to work abroad, think carefully in all aspects including whether it is worthwhile, and [ensure you] go to work there legally,” she said. People should check for information concerning the recruiting company before making a decision, she said, urging people to call the DOE at 02-245-6763 or at its provincial offices.

Published : December 10, 2018

By : The Nation