Thu, June 30, 2022


Senior judge ‘did not resign over viral video clip’

A SENIOR Court of Appeals judge tendered his resignation after a video clip of him threatening his ex-wife that he will reveal their intimate photos if she did not reconcile with him went viral and became a subject of mainstream media reports.

A source at the court confirmed yesterday that the judge resigned last week. 
In the video, the judge’s wife apparently rebuffs his attempts even after he allegedly threatens to reveal the intimate photo on his cell phone to convince her.
In his resignation letter, the unnamed judge cites his long service and a desire to leave on his own accord, which was agreed to by the Supreme Court president on September 7, the source said. There was no investigation, accusation or disciplinary punishment involved. 
Following normal procedure, the resigning judge’s name will be forwarded for His Majesty the King’s approval and the matter will be published in the Royal Gazette. 

Mutual agreement
According to a police source, the judge’s resignation had nothing to do with his conversation with his ex-wife in a parking lot, which was captured in a video clip and led to criticism that his actions were inappropriate for someone occupying the position of a senior judge. 
Police officers at the Bang Phong Phang precinct said the judge and his ex-wife gone to the station on August 11 to file a report with the police, not an official complaint. The unnamed judge also agreed to delete the photos in question. 
A police source said that as part of the settlement, the woman returned the title deeds to land in Chiang Mai to the judge, and both sides agreed not to harass one another. They also agreed that the person who violates the agreement will have to pay Bt5 million in compensation to the other.
Court judges and justice officials are normally allowed to work until the age of 65, while senior judges can continue serving until 70 if they pass a performance assessment.

Published : September 11, 2018