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50 foreign inmates to serve remaining time in their home countries

Fifty foreign inmates have been approved for transfer to serve their remaining time behind bars in their home countries, said Corrections Department chief Narat Sawettanan on Thursday.

Inmates from Iran, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain qualified for the transfers as per the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced People, he said.
The department had since 1990 transferred 1,083 foreign inmates whose cases were finalised in courts, while 17 Thai inmates had been transferred from other countries to serve their remaining jail time in Thailand, he said.
Prisoner transfers are granted to qualified inmates so they can be near their families, and thus help to improve their behaviour and motivate them to turn over a new leaf before release back to society, said Narat. 
Narat also reported that the agency’s committee for imprisonment suspension – chaired by Justice Ministry permanent secretary Wisit Wisitsora-at – has approved the paroled release of 674 inmates from 64 prisons.
These inmates were deemed to have shown good behaviour and discipline, have undergone behavioural rehabilitation, present no threat to society, and have only a small time left to serve behind bars, he said.

Published : August 30, 2018

By : The Nation