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Foreign owners of e-waste companies said by police to have broken the law

At least 11 operators of e-waste separation businesses in Thailand have committed several wrongdoings, Deputy National Police Commissioner Pol General Wirachai Songmetta disclosed yesterday.

“Their import, transportation and separation are not in line with the laws,” he said. 
According to Wirachai, the firms had operated 26 waste plants under foreign ownership. 
“Most of them have also engaged in creative accounting,” Wirachai said. 
“They have wired money overseas against our laws”. 
He said relevant authorities such as the Industrial Works Department and the Pollution Control Department have already taken action against the operators. 
“They may be closed,” the deputy national police chief said. 
Without proper treatment, e-waste will pollute the environment and threaten the health of people. 
Wirachai said the Customs Department had now intercepted several containers on suspicion that they might have been trying to smuggle e-waste into Thailand. 
He added that local authorities had also conducted searches at many sites in areas under their jurisdictions to prevent the illegal handling of e-waste.

Published : June 12, 2018

By : The Nation