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Mor Saeng’s ‘cancer cure’ ineffective, govt tests show

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Patients urged not to abandon modern medicine in favour of herbal pills.

HERBAL CURES for cancer, prepared by Mor Saeng, have no effect on treating or inhibiting the disease, Dr Narong Aphikulvanich, the Medical Services Department’s deputy director general, said yesterday.
“We have tested it on seven types of cancer including breast, liver, and colorectal cancer,” Narong said. The tests found that the tablets had no inhibitory effect against cancer cells. 
Saengchai, however, remains defiant and confident even after tests suggest his concoctions cannot cure the deadly disease. “Tests are conducted in tubes. But these concoctions are supposed to work inside human bodies,” he said. 
Narong spoke after a meeting with Saengchai, whose real name is Saengchai Haelerttrakul, and relevant officials. 

Mor Saeng’s ‘cancer cure’ ineffective, govt tests show
Saengchai has never received any training as a doctor. However, he is widely referred to as “Mor”, which means “doctor” in Thai, because of the herbal concoctions that he hands out. Many patients who have taken the capsules report feeling better.
Every month, thousands of patients queue up in Prachin Buri province to get some free capsules from Saengchai. Sometimes, the wait is as long as two days. 
Narong did say, however, that “the herbal concoctions are not harmful to patients’ health”. 
He added that a research by the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine also found that patients’ quality of life 
 improved after taking Saengchai’s herbal concoctions. 
Narong suggested that cancer patients could seek help from Saengchai, if they wanted, but they should not abandon modern medicine. 
Asked whether Saengchai could register his concoctions as health products, Narong said: “At this point, no.” 
Saengchai, who insists he has solid herbal knowledge, said he would continue to hand out his herbal concoctions to give hope to people. 
His herbal capsules have been distributed to people for free for more a decade, with the financial support of some believers. 
On May 2, his capsules will be distributed in three southern border provinces. 
Saengchai has even received an invitation for him to share his capsules with cancer patients in Laos. He said that several foreign doctors had contacted him to buy his herbal formula. 
“But I have turned down their offer because I am worried that |Thai patients will not be able to get these capsules for free anymore,” he said. 

Published : April 24, 2018

By : The Nation