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‘We Walk’ case postponed because prosecutors not ready

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Public prosecutors have postponed consideration of a case against eight prominent members of the People Go Network until Friday.

All eight activists, who are participating in the “We Walk” march advocating civil and political rights, have been charged with violating the National Council for Peace and Order’s ban on political activities. 

‘We Walk’ case postponed because prosecutors not ready
They reported to the Pathum Thani Attorney Office in Thanyaburi district on Monday to hear prosecutors’ decision on the schedule of the case and whether it would be tried in court.
However, they were told prosecutors had not read the docket so a decision was still pending.

‘We Walk’ case postponed because prosecutors not ready
Lertsak Kamkongsak, one of the defendants, said police had not interrogated six defence witnesses included in the docket, while prosecutors had just received the docket from police, so a decision was still pending.
Prosecutors had asked defendants to report again on Friday, Lertsak said.
He complained that the defendants had been forced to waste their time and money travelling to the attorney’s office based on contradictory information provided by police.
Meanwhile, provincial chief public prosecutor Pol Captain Apiwat Khammong said he was unsure if the case could proceed on Friday, given the short time period to interview witnesses and review the docket.
Apiwat said police had recommended that the case be brought to court, but prosecutors would have to review the evidence to decide based on relevant laws.
However, he added that the defendants still had to report to the attorney’s office on Friday.

Published : February 26, 2018

By : Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation