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Wedding interrupted as guest gives birth

A baby was born at a wedding ceremony in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Sikhiu district on Saturday to the excited anxiety of many at the event.

Nattaporn Tesrit, a friend of bride Mayuree Kumchanteuk, was nearly nine months pregnant as she attended the ceremony. 
As the bride was waiting for the arrival of the dowry procession, Nattaporn went into labour. 
Guests expressed shock but did their best to help Nattaporn, who was brought under the shade of a tree and rescue workers were alerted to transfer her to a nearby hospital. 
However, by the time rescue workers arrived, Nattaporn was already in the process of giving birth. 
With the help of medical officials, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 3.2 kilograms in the shade of the tree.
 The bride congratulated Nattaporn and took a picture with the baby.
Nattaporn was later sent to a hospital for further medical care. 
Although the wedding ceremony stopped during the delivery, guests said they were happy to be present at the event.
The birth of a healthy baby is seen as an auspicious sign. 

Published : February 25, 2018

By : The Nation