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SUNDAY, November 27, 2022
Audio clip leads to bribery probe of Premchai

Audio clip leads to bribery probe of Premchai

THURSDAY, February 08, 2018

Police will investigate an audio clip recorded during the arrest of construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta to verify whether one of the speakers had tried to bribe an official who was arresting him, deputy national police chief Pol General Srivara Rangsibharmanakul said on Thursday.

If the man on the tape is identified as Premchai, president of the Italian-Thai Development company, and he is shown to have offered bribes in exchange for being released, he would be charged with attempting to bribe officials, Srivara said.
He was referring to an audio clip recorded during the arrest of Premchai and three other suspects inside Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi province on Sunday.
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Premchai and the other three were found camp
ing in an area where forest rangers found the remains of protected animals and rifles hidden in the nearby area.
The area, which is designated as a Unesco World Heritage site, is off limits to the public, while hunting and camping are strictly prohibited. 
The audio clip went viral on social media as it reportedly entailed a conversation between Premchai and officials who were arresting him.
Chaiwat Limlikhitaksorn, chief of Phaya Sua, the National Parks Department’s forest crime suppression taskforce, which supervised the investigation that led to the arrest, has confirmed the authenticity of the clip, saying the conversation had been recorded by an official on the scene.