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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
Why blaze debris at Trang factory site had to be cleared quickly

Why blaze debris at Trang factory site had to be cleared quickly

WEDNESDAY, February 07, 2018

Parts of the gutted Thai Kong Co rubber-glove-manufacturing factory in Trang had to be cleared before police could inspect the site so that efforts could continue to contain the blaze, the province’s deputy governor said on Wednesday.

Wasan Thanomsap told reporters that the fire, which started on Sunday and was not fully extinguished until Wednesday morning, could have reached more factory machinery and 10 types of stored chemicals, including ammonia, and “a tragedy could have happened”.
The blaze destroyed a warehouse and a large number of completed gloves that were stored in containers ready for shipment.
Damage is estimated between Bt300 million to Bt400 million. Operations have been suspended for three months, Wasan said.
Smoke was still issuing from the debris and the air was filled with dust particles, he said. Factory personnel are monitoring the site lest the fire rekindle.
Of the company’s 1,087 employees, Wasan said, 700 paid-daily workers involved in production were on suspension for the three months, but would receive 75 per cent of their normal salaries in accordance with the Labour Protection Act 1998.
Paid-monthly workers and paid-daily employees in the mechanical division would continue working at normal pay.
Wasan said provincial medical teams were checking the health of nearby residents. Some were suffering with severe coughs, flu-like symptoms and dizziness, and some showed high levels of carbon dioxide in their systems.
Officials are trying to determine whether any of the symptoms derive from toxin exposure or were pre-existing conditions.
Wasan said the police investigation was continuing and no one had yet been charged with a crime.