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Soldiers distribute aid to flood victims in Narathiwat

Soldiers visited people affected by flooding in the southern border province of Narathiwat on Thursday as rains continued and several districts were still under floodwaters.

In some districts, floodwaters were starting to recede but mudslides were blocking main roads, including in Waeng, Sukhirin and Chanae districts.
Floodwaters were still rising in Sungai Kolok, Muang, Rangae and Yingor districts.

Soldiers distribute aid to flood victims in Narathiwat
On Wednesday, the provincial administration declared all 13 districts in Narathiwat disaster zones to expedite assistance.
The provincial administration allocated Bt300,000 in emergency funds as provincial administration officials and police were mobilised to send urgent help to flood victims.
In the morning, Narathiwat taskforce commander Maj-General Somdul Iam-ek visited with his staff to distribute necessities to 245 flood victims from 64 families who were staying at a temporary shelter at the Thessabal 4 school in Sungai Kolok district.
The taskforce chief also visited flood victims who were still living at flooded houses on the Kolok riverbank in Tambon Sugnai Kolok. About 50 families had not left their houses and moved their belongings to the second floor.
Somdul led troops to hand out drinking water and ready-made food.
He later visited flood victims in Rangae with Colonel Isara Chanthakrayom, commander of the 45th Ranger Taskforce, including 100 families in Hulu Pareh village in Tambon Tanyongmus to hand out drinking water, rice and dried food as well as household medicines.

Published : November 30, 2017

By : The Nation