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Soldiers injured in Yala bomb ambush recovering in hospital

Four security officers who were seriously injured in the last Thursday bomb ambush in Yala remain under close medical surveillance in hospital.

The 14th Border Patrol Police Unit deputy inspector Pol Lieutenant Yutthana Thepsathit, who sustained a serious brain injury, was moved from Yala Hospital to the better equipped Songkhla Nagarind Hospital in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district. 
He is suffering from swelling and bleeding in the brain and the latest X-ray result showed he still had some shrapnel embedded in his skull. Surgery has been delayed because of his swollen brain condition. He was conscious but could not open his eyes as shrapnel has damaged his eye nerves.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) police officer Pol Sr Sgt-Major Worawichai Boonraksa underwent two rounds of surgery to remove bomb shrapnel from his body. In the latest operation he had his left leg amputated from the thigh. 
Worawichai has regained consciousness and was recovering, although a kidney failure complication caused his heart to stop on three occasions. Worawichai, who has served in the deep South for more than 10 years, is said to be in good spirits. Many fellow police officers have raised money to help his family with medical expenses.
Lieutenant Prayong Anthae, a member of the military’s Anothai EOD team, remains in Yala Hospital’s intensive care unit. Although he has regained consciousness and can open and close his eyes to communicate, he still cannot move his body.
Pol Sr Sergeant Major Ekkachai Samorkham’s torso, right arm and leg suffered serious shrapnel injuries. Doctors have removed shrapnel that pierced his lung and he is on wound infection watch at the hospital.
The attack began early last Thursday when a roadside bomb struck a vehicle carrying Army rangers in a remote village in Yaha district. 
A second explosive device was detonated half an hour later as bomb squad experts arrived to clear the scene, followed by a shootout in which suspected militants peppered the security forces with gunfire. 
Two officers – ranger Pol Lc-Corporal Thanes Phuttho and EOD policeman Pol Sr Sgt-Major Aneroot Janthawong – were killed, while 20 others were injured. 

Published : September 18, 2017

By : Nakarin Chinworakomon The Nation