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Chinese tourist rescued from drowning by Patong lifeguard

PHUKET: A Patong lifeguard rescued yet another Chinese tourist who nearly drowned after being washed away by strong waves in a red-flagged zone at Patong Beach yesterday afternoon.

The 'Phuket Lifeguard Service' posted an update of the incident on their Facebook page at about 1:30pm. It briefly read: 
‘Another rescue at Patong Beach today. The lady is safe and on the way to hospital. Good job, Patong lifeguards.’
The lifeguard in question is Samat Rattanmat, who saw the tourist being washed away in the waves. 
“She was choking, so I drove up there on a jet-ski. She very nearly drowned, but thankfully I was able to get there in time. She was later taken to Patong Hospital for treatment,” said Samat. 
The victim was discharged the same afternoon. She came back to the beach with her family to thank Mr Samat for his timely action. 
‘The lady returned to Patong Beach with her family to thank the lifeguard who saved her life. Good to see her with a big smile on her face,’ the Phuket Lifeguard Service posted on their Facebook page.
“We are keeping a close eye on tourists as this is the monsoon season and the waves and winds are very strong. Tourists must follow the signs warning them of danger and pay heed to the lifeguards’ instructions at all times for their own safety,” said Samat.
Earlier this week, the bodies of two Chinese tourists were found two days after they went swimming in a red-flagged zone at Freedom Beach.

Published : July 20, 2017

By : Phuket Gazette