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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Royal help for humanity

Royal help for humanity

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2018
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A British duke presides at a fundraiser for Habitat’s efforts in Thailand

British royalty was in town last week to help the British Embassy and Siam Piwat in a humanitarian housing endeavour.
Michelin-star chef Ken Hom prepared “Dinner with the Duke”, which delighted His Royal Highness Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Ambassador Brian John Davidson and all of their guests.
Helping host the evening were Siam Piwat senior executive vice president Mayuree Chaipromprasith and Habitat for Humanity Thailand chief executive Timothy Loke.


Royal help for humanity

From left, Mayuree Chaipromprasith, Prince Richard and Ambassador Brian John Davidson.

Loke’s agency will use the funds raised to build homes for low-income Thais and otherwise assist their communities.
Prince Richard thanked Habitat for making life safer, more secure and more hygienic in many parts of the world for people “who otherwise would be living in shacks or have no home at all”. 
“I’m delighted with your support for this charity and I’d like to thank Siam Piwat for sponsoring this. I supposed this could be an historic event because the British Embassy will not be here at this location very much longer. It is perhaps one of the last chances to appreciate it.”


Royal help for humanity

Ken Hom and Timothy Loke

Ambassador Davidson lauded the strong, long-lasting friendship between the embassy and Siam Piwat. I’m delighted that we can donate all profits from ticket sales to Habitat for Humanity Thailand and that it will contribute to the good work they do here in improving people’s living conditions.”
Mayuree raised a cheer to Hom’s magnificent arrangements, including the meticulous six-course feast. It featured chicken and sundried tomatoes in spring rolls, creamy asparagus soup, jade prawns, roast lacquered duck, corn-meal-ginger waffles, warm mango compote and Petits Fours Mandarin Oriental.


Royal help for humanity

ML Radeethep Devakula and Chamapan Rangaratna

Singer Rudglao Amaradit performed and celebrity photographer Pornpot “Sixtysix” Kanchanahatakij made the rounds recording the scene. 
Among the more than 40 guests were ML Radeethep Devakula, Srisuphang Morris, Pisits Laosiriratana, Soontree Trayaporn, Nareerat Chinthammit, Chanvit Aneksamphant and Dao Sathienthirakul.


Royal help for humanity

Nareerat Chinthammit and Apha Rungsimuntoran

Loke said that Humanity Thailand in not quite 20 years had enabled 57,500 people in 11,500 families “to build or improve a place they can call home”. 
“Our work was made possible thanks to our generous donors and committed volunteers. More than seven million Thais are currently living in poverty, many of them in inadequate shelter. 


Royal help for humanity

“Even as we celebrate the happy occasion of Habitat’s 20th anniversary in Thailand, there is much more to be done. Everyone can help build homes, raise funds and speak out about the need for affordable housing. 
“With continuous support, Habitat Thailand will strengthen the foundation for success by building strong, stable homes and communities though our housing programmes and community development initiatives. Together, let us build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.”