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SATURDAY, November 26, 2022
Slingshot Group lists six critical leadership skills for new era

Slingshot Group lists six critical leadership skills for new era

WEDNESDAY, June 05, 2019

Slingshot Group, an organisation-development consulting firm, has announced the six critical skills that leaders in the new era need to succeed in the future world of work.

Chief executive Sutisophan Chuaywongyart said new-generation leaders will need six skills to thrive in the future. Based on the results of a survey, the list confirmed that technological advancements cause widespread disruption to work in tomorrow’s world as well as to daily life. Leaders and employees must thus adapt to be in line with changing job characteristics and ways of working. The essential skills for the future comprise:
1. Creative Conception – the skills to think outside the box to create diverse and innovative strategies;
2. Logical investigation – the ability to use logical thinking or reasoning skills for analysis and assessment;
3. Wicked-problem self-efficiency – the skills to inspect and choose information from various sources to tackle complex problems;
4. Connectedness – the ability to relate and respond to others in a proper manner to build positive interactions and coexistence as needed;
5. Virtual collaboration – the ability to coordinate and work effectively through various channels without barriers of area and time; and
6. Life-long learning experimentation – the ability to voluntarily develop ongoing self-learning. 

To provide an appropriate and efficient response to the job market and professionals’ needs, Slingshot Group has partnered with Globish Academia (Thailand), a rising EdTech startup that has seen success in the development of an online English learning platform in Thailand with over 15,000 users, to introduce Thailand’s first “OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform”.
Slingshot Group is a consulting firm offering total solutions for high-quality and organisational development services.

Slingshot Group will enable leaders to keep up with the rapid pace of digital disruptions with a learning experience delivered through its new coaching programme, “Coaching in Transition”. This coaching-on-demand platform enables executives and professionals to learn from highly experienced coaches anywhere and at any time. It aims to be a practical coaching platform accessible to all at an affordable price. Notably, it helps address pain points when individual leaders ask for recommendations, and assists them to make quick decisions and develop themselves.
The OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform will match schedules between coaches and coachees, allowing them to save travel time. In addition to hands-on experience and practical knowledge, this coaching platform is equipped with the powerful tools to meet learning trends in the digital age.