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Konica Minolta unveils revolutionary digital printing solutions for this year

Konica Minolta’s “Jump into Imaginative Colour Space” event on February 13 showcased a wide array of special coloured images created by world-class photographers, and also launched its new “AccurioPress C83HC High Chroma” digital-printing machine.

The event also featured renowned Thai designers and photographers, invited to share their experiences and insight in colour and packaging design trends this year. 
Nopneera Rugsasook, founder and managing director of Yindee Design, in her talk on “Colour and Packaging Trends for 2019, said knowledge of colours alone cannot satisfy today’s changing demands of customers. Innovative pieces must be evolved to match up with the different requirements of certain brands. 
Also highlighted in the event were the three colour trends expected to hit the world of design and fashion this year. Namely: 
1) Fiery Red: A powerful red associated with love, energy and passion, and can also represent health when used appropriate; 
2) White Neutral: Providing a feeling of calm and balance, that looks classy and very much in vogue at the same time;
3) Earthy Tone: Offers a sense of nature inspired by the powers of green and brown, leading to warmth and reminiscence; 
4) Less is More: Minimalist colours such as black and white; 
5) Brave Contrast: Pairs of natural colours that display a strong visual contrast; 
6) The More the Merrier: Harmonious colour combinations that reflect the ideal mix-and-match; 
7) Iridescent Colour: Magical, mystical colours just like those of a dazzling rainbow or glistening fish skin; 
8) Living Coral: A vibrant yet mellow coral that inspires warmth and completeness. This colour is widely used by designers of smartphones, particularly for their debut.

Published : February 27, 2019

By : The Nation