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Lalamove insures its 40,000+ Thai drivers via Frank partnership

Lalamove, Thailand’s leading on-demand delivery platform, with an app that promises “fast delivery within one hour”, is giving its 40,000-plus drivers health, life, vehicle and accident cover by partnering with Thai-based Frank Insurance Broker.

With Lalamove celebrating its fourth anniversary in Thailand next month, the insurance packages show that Lalamove is expanding its sense of corporate responsibility and best-practice business development as the company grows, said marketing manager Pasit Thiannapapornchok.
“Caring for our Lalamove drivers through adequate health, life, vehicle and medical insurance is about adopting a clear sense of community within the company and of looking after the wellbeing of our valued Lalamove team here in Thailand. 
“The business has grown dramatically since first setting up five years ago, so it makes business sense to look after our drivers too as they are our most valued assets. Beyond this, we firmly believe that good business in 2018 and beyond is about responsible business accountability,” Pasit said.
Frank Insurance Brokers is an online insurance platform and therefore a local partner for Lalamove.
Specialising in personal insurance cover, the Lalamove insurance announcement sees Frank move to the B2B (business to business) sector for the first time.
Frank Insurance Broker’s co-founder and managing director, Harprem Doowa, highlighted how the insurance packages offer not only peace of mind but motivation for drivers “to feel part of a feel-good team”.
Alongside joining forces with Frank, Lalamove is in the process of developing valuable relationships with potential partners across various verticals, such as food and beverages, banking and telecommunications, which are to be announced soon.

Published : October 30, 2018

By : The Nation