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Agency studies millennial attitudes

FleishmanHillard Thailand, a communications and digital marketing agency, has completed a study of millennials' beliefs, attitudes, social perceptions, income and consumption.

According to the report, Thai millennials seek a different definition of success and happiness, long for changes in Thai society and do not attach themselves to specific brands.
Money may be essential but happiness is seen as more important. 
More than 70 per cent of survey respondents point out that money is the best measure of success and more than 87 per cent said they felt good after spending money on themselves. 
The report said millennials define happiness as being healthy (67 per cent), having the time for themselves as well as the freedom to live their lives (67 per cent) and 55 per cent place importance on saving.
Millennials appear to place a lot of importance on the distinctive expression of the self with 79 per cent ready to pay more for products and services from a brand that meets their needs. 
They believe their identity cannot be defined by one brand. 
The report said 84 per cent of millennials used fashion as the tool for self-expression, which is why they are always on the lookout for activity, music and clothing which are different from the norm. 
Only 21 per cent of them prioritise socialising with friends.

Published : October 24, 2018

By : The Nation