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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
Shanghai show gets a preview of future

Shanghai show gets a preview of future

SUNDAY, July 01, 2018

With the transformation in the tech world moving from digital edge into intelligence connectivity, various innovations, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G technology and Internet of Things (IoT) development were showcased at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018.

The event offered a preview of prototypes and new commercial products and solutions that will hit the commercial market in the near future, such as EasyMile, an autonomous minibus, and Mobile Connect service. 
Developer of the mini bus, Easy Mile, is in negotiations with Huawei to install 5G implementation within its autonomous mini-bus.
“We need 5G infrastructure to translate data. 5G is a very important technology for us to transfer data for the control and vehicle management system to monitor the route and the conditions inside and outside,” said Zhaoming Chua, an executive from Easy Mile.
The firm provides autonomous mini-buses as driverless shuttle buses at the campus of South East University in Nanjing, China. The company is also providing the first commercial autonomous application in Singapore. It also provides evehicle cars in more than 21 counties, including the US, Norway and Australia.
With Mobile Connect, the mobile operator can deliver secure universal identity service. It is a simple and secure global identity service by matching the user to their mobile phone number. It enables conฌsumers to register and log in to webฌsites and apps. The service empowers the user to confirm their identity online, authorise transactions such as payments, whilst sharing only the personal data needed to complete the transaction.
Mats Granryd, directorgeneral at GSMA, said that there are two technology developments that will be front and centre, setting the stage for a mobile future including 5G and Artificial Intelligence, or AI. In the Asia Pacific, the mobile industry is fuelling innovation, transforming industries and spurring exciting new opportunities, across developed and developing markets. 
With the 5G technology, NTT Docomo and Intel are already preparing for the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. Fans and athฌletes will all get to experience 5G firsthand – things like 360degree 8Kvideo streaming, virtual reality, facial recognition, connected cars and smart city applications.
The mobile industry continues to make strong progress with 5G, with 5G leaders planning commercial launches for this and next year including operators in South Korea, Australia and the Philippines, as well as the US and the United Arab Emirates. 
For consumers, 5G will deliver exciting, immersive experiences, transforming communication and consumption of content. 360degree videos are aimed at offering amazing expeditions. 
He said that for AI, this is a new area of innovation, fuelled by the availability of highspeed connecฌtivity, the massmarket adoption of smartphones and the power of machine learning such as AI in use for virtual agents and chatbots on the web.