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Kubota releases new farm-machinery diesel engine

Siam Kubota Corporation has unveiled its new diesel engine, the ZT series, with a power output of 10-15.5 horsepower, and all-new design, “complete with safety and comfort”, the company said in a statement.

“With Kubota’s exclusive technology ‘K-Tech’, the new diesel engine is more powerful, durable, and fuel-efficient, capable of heavy duty use, allowing for long-haul transportation and full-capacity water pumping,” the statement said.
Somsak Mauthorn, senior executive vice president of Siam Kubota, said the innovation and new technologies in agricultural machinery have become a key factor that will help farmers achieve maximum efficiency and convenience.
The company has recently launched the Kubota ZT Series diesel engine, a new model that is stronger, more durable and more fuel-efficient, with a sleeker and more ergonomic design.
“For our new Kubota ZT diesel engine, we have improved the design, giving it a more sleek and modern appearance with a curved cover. We have also installed LED front lights and indicator lights, making it safer for use during nighttime,” Somsak said.
“In addition, to cater to modern lifestyle and enhance convenience, we have installed USB ports for electronic devices and a new fuel gauge that allows users to check fuel levels without having to open the cover lid.
“In terms of performance, our primary focus is on achieving maximum efficiency and durability for heavy-duty use, by solving issues of overheating, and using multi-hole nozzle direct injection engine for better and faster atomisation in the combustion chambers, thus increasing combustion efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.”

Published : January 24, 2018

By : The Nation