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Lone man robs Korat 7-Eleven shop of Bt2 million, inside job suspected

A lone man robbed a 7-Eleven shop in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang district early on Monday and made off with Bt2 million in cash in what police believe was an inside job.

The Jor Hor police station was alerted at 2.28am that a 7-Eleven shop in the Ban Pho community in Tambon Bn Pho had been robbed of cash.
Security-camera footage from inside the shop shows a man wearing a full-sized helmet walking into the shop while there three staff were inside. The robber pretended to buy a pack of cigarettes but then pulled out a foot-long knife to threaten a female cashier into leaving the counter.
The video showed him walking behind the counter and picking up a key to open the safe, from which he removed the Bt2 million in cash, stuffed it into his bag and fled on his motorcycle.
The whose process took just two minutes.
Nakhon Ratchasima deputy police chief Pol Colonel Pawarit Boonsutthi said the robber apparently knew the shop routines and how to avoid the security camera. He said police would interrogate staff of the shop for more clues.
Pol Colonel Kitti Saengsiriwut, commander of the Jor Hor police station, said he interviewed the shop manager and learned the cash from weekend sales was kept in the safe before being deposited to a bank on Monday.

Published : July 01, 2019

By : The Nation