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Chinese teacher allegedly assaulted by Grab driver

Police are searching for a Grab driver who allegedly punched a Chinese teacher before abandoning him and his friend on a road in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district on Thursday.

A military officer reported the incident to Pak Kret police, who went to the scene, found the Chinese nationals waiting there and took them back to the station to hear their story.
The two Chinese men, named as Su Sihanh, 30, and Li Mengkui, 23, said the incident happened in Soi Wat Salak Nua, Tambon Ban Mai, and that Su had suffered a bruised nose as a result.
Li, who can speak Thai, told police that he had called for a Grab taxi to take them to Dhurakij Pundit University, where they planned to enrol for courses.
He said when the Grab taxi arrived, his friend opened the front door to sit in the front passenger seat but the driver angrily told him to sit in the back.
He then got angry again, this time ordering them to put their drinking water bottle in the car’s bottle holder.
Li said Su yelled back at the driver, told him that he could also speak Thai and asked why he kept getting angry.
He said the driver suddenly stopped the car, said he would no longer drive them to their destination and told them to get out of the car.
Li said he and his friend left and slammed the doors shut, prompting the driver to get angry again. He got out, rushed over towards his friend and punched him on the nose.
A military officer happened to pass by and shouted out, asking what was going on, whereupon the Grab driver fled.

Published : June 28, 2019

By : The Nation