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RS launches ‘super sale’ to celebrate pending gov’t stimulus measures

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Citing the installation of a new government that is expected to introduce economic stimulus measures, entertainment company RS announced yesterday that it had joined forces with business partners to invest Bt100 million in a “Mid Year Super Sale” during June 17-28 to boost revenue.

RS said in a release that it aims to push revenues for its MPC business in the second quarter to reach a new high and to increase its database to exceed 1.5 million customers. The new campaign is expected to generate Bt300 million, a 70 per cent increase.
Pornpan Techarungchaikul, chief operating officer of RS Public Company Limited, said, “The economy in Thailand is on the rise once again, which boosts the confidence in the business sector because purchasing power has returned thanks to new measures introduced by the government to stimulate the economy.
“This benefits the commercial sector in many ways, including our multi-platform commerce (MPC) business which is mainly through 1781 Shop and offers free delivery nationwide and cash-on-delivery payment. Our MPC business has been well-received as it suits consumer behaviour in the 4.0 era.”
The company has joined forces with leading strategic partners to further drive our business through its mid-year sale, he said, adding that RS is investing more than Bt100 million for marketing, advertising and public relations to create a new shopping experience.
Up to 80 per cent discounts will be offered by leading brands through special deals and promotions, as well as free gifts, to certain customers as a reward for their trust and support.
This campaign is expected to drive purchase decision of consumers, said the release. Currently, the company claims 1.2 million customers in its database, the majority being in their 30s and older. About 20 per cent are based in Bangkok and surrounding provinces, and 80 per cent located in other provinces. On average, a customer spends Bt2,500 per transaction. This campaign is expected to draw in more customers and expand its customer base to 1.5 million, according to the release. 
“We expect to see a 20 per cent increase in customers and generate Bt300 million through this campaign. The 11-day campaign will drive the MPC business in the second quarter and take our company’s revenue up to our targeted Bt5 billion,” Pornpan said.

Published : June 17, 2019