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Ten stray cats rounded up at Victory Monument

Officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and JS100 traffic radio station rounded up 10 stray cats living inside the Victory Monument compound on Friday, following a Facebook post calling for their rescue.

Sujinda Kongpet made the call on her Facebook wall and JS100 and the BMA sent officials to catch the cats for possible adopting and for relocation to the BMA’s animal shelter.
The post stated that there were some 20 stray cats living in the compound located in the middle of the heavy traffic roundabout and the cats were in danger of being run down by vehicles when they cross the roads.
Ten stray cats were caught in the three-hour operation, which started at 1.30pm. The officials who look after the monument will be assigned to work with veterinarians to capture the rest of the cats later.
Eight BMA officials armed with long-handled nets started catching the cats around the monument first before other officials went inside the tunnel under monument the catch others. Nine cats were caught outside and just one in the tunnel.
The captured cats were taken to the rabies control unit of the BMA’s Health Department for health check and sterilisation. Sujinda said she would adopt some of the captured cats and she hoped other members of the public would adopt the others. She can be contacted at:


Published : June 15, 2019

By : The Nation