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Bangkok Council approves multi-billion baht budget for BMA

Bangkok Council on Wednesday approved a multi-billion baht budget for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for 2020.

The budget was approved during a meeting in the second extraordinary session of the council for 2019 after BMA governor Aswin Kwanmuang proposed the budget bill to the chamber.
The bill, proposed by BMA governor Aswin Kwanmuang, requested Bt83 billion for fixed expenditures for the BMA for Fiscal Year 2020 and Bt398.92 million for commercial expenditures.
Before the approval, the governor reported the BMA’s financial status to the Bangkok Council as of April 30.
He said the BMA has bank savings worth Bt66.623 million, breaking down to Bt9.98 billion worth of income, Bt3.876 billion worth off-budget money, Bt5.725 billion worth of remaining budget allocations that have not been drawn yet, and Bt47.038 billion of accumulated balance.
The governor also informed the council that the BMA is obliged to shoulder the cost of 214 development projects worth Bt38.854 billion.
The governor told the council that the budget was based on the BMA’s projections of its income worth Bt83 billion, which will be a 3.75 per cent increase or a rise by Bt3 billion from the previous budget year.
The governor added that the BMA budget spending could be broken down as:
1) General management cost: Bt25.474 billion or 30.69 per cent of the total budget
2) Cost for public works and traffic operations: Bt16.362 billion or 19.71 per cent
3) Cost for cleaning and orderliness operations: Bt13.586 billion or 16.38 per cent
4) Cost for wastewater treatment: Bt9.86 billion or 11.88 per cent
5) Cost for public health works: Bt6.733 billion or 8.11 per cent
6) Cost for social development and social service: Bt6.345 billion or 7.66 per cent
7) Cost for providing education: Bt4.634 billion or 5.58 per cent.

Published : June 13, 2019

By : The Nation