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FRIDAY, December 02, 2022
MPs to get training on Parliamentary rules

MPs to get training on Parliamentary rules

FRIDAY, June 07, 2019

House Speaker Chuan Leekpai is planning to organise training on the rules and regulations of Parliament for veteran and new MPs.

Somboon Uthaiwienkul, Chuan’s designated secretary, said the Speaker discussed the issue with Sorasak Pienvej, secretary general of the Lower House.
“The training will be held for two groups of MPs, first time MPs and veteran ones. Those for the first group will be [trained for] about two days. The training is aimed at making them learn the rules and regulations of the Parliamentary meetings, so that they can know their rights and duties so that meetings can go smoothly,” Somboon said.
MPs will learn about their duties as representatives of the people, he said, while details of the training, including when and where, are still under discussion.
Chuan’s moves come after unruly meetings of MPs and Senators on Wednesday that were widely criticised in social media.
The Lower and Upper Houses met for the first time after the March 24 general election to vote for the prime minister and their debates on who should be the next prime minister were televised nationwide.
Some first-time MPs were seen refusing to follow instructions of Chuan, a veteran MP and former premier. 
One new MP asked Chuan for permission to talk when another MP was speaking in the chamber. Chuan told that MP to wait for Chuan to allow him to speak first instead of interrupting.