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Serow rescued after falling from pickup in Chumphon

An apparently tame mature serow was rescued after it fell from a pickup truck on a road in Chumphon on Tuesday morning, in an incident in which the pickup driver fled the scene.

Phaisal Noophankhao, head of Moo 6 village, said the female serow had injured itself after falling from a pickup near an intersection in Tambon Bang Luek, in Mueang district.
A veterinarian was called to treat the goat-like animal, which was found to be around four to five years old and weighing about 50 kilograms.
The vet administered an intravenous feed and a pain-killing injection, and used a wet cloth to cool its temperature down. 
The serow gained strength after about an hour and tried to get up to free itself, but officials tied its legs so that it continued to lie down and recover.
The serow was later sent to the Prince Chumphon Wildlife Sanctuary for rehabilitation.
Pichai Phokrasang, a vet and chief of the animal health division of the Chumphon Livestock Development Office, said the serow had not been seriously injured, and its condition had improved after it was given the painkiller and intravenous feed. 
The animal might have been domesticated, because it appeared to be tame.
Pornchai Sitthikaset, chief of the Prince Chumphon Wildlife Sanctuary, said serows are a protected species and members of the public are not allowed by law to own them.

Published : May 28, 2019

By : The Nation