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Malaysian-Thai border security tightened ahead of Aidil Fitri

TUMPAT - The Kelantan police will step up security along the Kelantan-Thailand border to avoid any illegal activities in view of the upcoming Aidil Fitri celebration, Bernama reported.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said the cooperation between the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) and the Thai authorities in controlling the border had so far been good, especially with the Thai marine police and the border patrol team.

"We also want to advise any parties that want to commute across the border to use legitimate routes.

"If they are detained by the authorities, they could land themselves in very deep trouble and might also have to pay a very costly fine," he told reporters after attending the Pengkalan Kubor Region 3 Marine Police Force iftar programme near Kuala Takbai here Tuesday (May 21) night.

Commenting on illegal border-crossing activities, Hasanuddin said during any festive season, certain parties might make excuses for doing so, citing the long distance as the reason they committed the act.

However, he said no matter what the excuse, residents along the border must abide by the law.

"Ahead of the festive season, many would assume that the security control will be loosened, but for us, that would be the time when control is intensified.

"Other agencies at the border, such as the Malaysian Border Security Agency, the General Operations Force and the Immigration Department of Malaysia, will also work together with us to tighten border control," he said.

Published : May 22, 2019

By : The Star Asia News Network