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Toyota opens Chachoengsao hybrid battery plant

Toyota has staged the localisation line-off ceremony for its HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) battery Gateway factory in Chachoengsao province, the company said.

The HEV batteries will be further used in the Toyota C-HR, Camry Hybrid and future Toyota models. 
In addition, a wide range of highly advanced mechanical technologies have been installed in the production line, like the Collaborative Robot (COBOT) that are integrated into the production environment to efficiently work in conjunction with humans in the production and quality control process. 
Furthermore, Toyota Thailand has adopted the knowledge and know-how of HEV battery production from Toyota Japan to ensure that the operation process lives up to the international standard.
Parts used for HEV battery production are sourced from Japan and also from suppliers in Thailand and environmentally friendly practices are employed at the plant, it said. Solar cells keep power in storage made from the modules used to make HEV batteries and the automated “Karakuri” is also applied to minimise the energy use in the production process. 
Michinobu Sugata, president of Toyota Thailand, said: “Toyota continues our deep commitment to the development of environmentally friendly automotive technologies for the future. The company’s key missions are to develop automotive technologies that efficiently minimise the emission of carbon dioxide, as well as to increase the proportion of environmentally friendly vehicles."

Published : May 09, 2019

By : The Nation