Mon, July 04, 2022


15 drivers arrested in Songkhla for petrol smuggling from Malaysia

Soldiers and customs officials stopped 15 vehicles and seized some 5,100 litres of petrol and diesel allegedly being smuggled into Songkhla’s Sadao district on Wednesday morning at the Tha Khoi-Padang Bezar crossing.

The drivers of the five cars and 10 pickup trucks were arrested on charges of oil smuggling. Officials said the vehicles had their tanks modified to increase capacity.
The vehicles were stopped from 4am to 7am. The officials said they seized 4,195 litres of benzene and 940 litres of diesel and each vehicle was carrying about 200 to 500 litres.
The customs officials said the petrol price in Malaysia is Bt19 per litre and the smugglers sold it in Thailand for Bt23 to B24.

Published : May 08, 2019

By : The Nation