Thu, June 30, 2022


New Economics Party rebels demand dissolution

Members of New Economics Party on Thursday petitioned the Election Commission to dissolve their party, accusing it of being under outside business influence.

The petition was made by a group led by Ulaiporn Traiwong, Prayong Sangsriha and Komkrit Supakdee, calling for the EC to halt the announcement of the seats won by the party and dissolve it.
They alleged the party might have fallen under the influence of outsiders. 
The party leader, Mingkwan Sangsuwan, had failed to keep his promise to conduct an internal meeting before the election, they said, adding that they suspected he had been influenced by business interests.
A tycoon had funded the election rallies and campaign and the party had not been free to conduct its own activities, they added.
The Constitution demanded political parties be free from business influence and the punishment was dissolution, the three members said.
The New Economics Party won five to six seats in the House of Representatives, the initial calculations show.
Its MPs had planned to join the pro-democracy league to keep the junta out of office.

Published : April 18, 2019

By : The Nation