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Phuket officers inspect sun lounger complaint

Officers inspected Karon Beach after they received a complaint that sun loungers were creeping back and taking over more than the 10 per cent of the sand.

Phuket officers inspect sun lounger complaint

The ubiquitous white plastic loungers, that used to cover up vast swathes of Phuket’s popular beaches, were all but banned when the military took over the government in 2014. Since then 10 per cent zones have been permitted on most west coast beaches.

The inspection at Karon Beach yesterday was led by the chief of the Provincial Administration Group Siwat Rawangkun.

The inspection followed complaints in a Line group saying lots of loungers were now on Karon Beach. 

Offices reported that sunbeds were restricted to the 10 per cent allowed as part of the regulation zoning.

“The pictures in the Line group that seem to show more than 10 per cent of beach coverage might be because of the camera angles that made the pictures look different from the reality,” Siwat said.


Published : April 17, 2019

By : The Thaiger