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Russian arrested on Koh Samui for allegedly stealing camera

A Russian man was arrested on Koh Samui in Surat Thani on Sunday for allegedly stealing a digital camera and unlawfully entering the kingdom.

Police from Borphud station arrested Kiirti Svami, 31, after an upmarket digital camera shop inside a shopping mall on the island spotted him returning to the shop.
A Sony digital camera valued at Bt99,990 was stolen from the shop on March 22 and the staff noticed that Svami bore a strong resemblance to the suspect caught on a security camera stealing the device.
When police arrived at the shop, the Russian tried to walk away. Police asked him for his passport but he failed to produce it.
While police were taking him to the Borphud station, the suspect jumped into a lake and tried to swim away. Two policemen followed him into the water and dragged him back.
Svami admitted that he stole the camera from the shop but said he had already sold it to a Russian friend. He said he would tell his friend to return the camera.
He said he came to Thailand two moths ago.
The Russian also tested positive for drugs. He was charged with drug abuse, staying in the kingdom without visa and theft.

Published : April 01, 2019

By : The Nation