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Trapped retired teacher rescued from drainage pipe

A 61-year-old retired teacher, who claimed to have been trapped in a roadside drainage pipe since Wednesday, was rescued on Friday.

Trapped retired teacher rescued from drainage pipe

A grilled chicken seller Mekhin Chaikhamhan, 49, was the first to hear the retiree's call for help on Friday morning in tambon Salaya of Nakhon Pathom's Buddha Monthon district. His son-in-law searched the area until he spotted the retiree trapped in the pipe. 
They recognised the retiree's voice as one of their regulars and called police to rescue the distressed, mud-covered man. 

Trapped retired teacher rescued from drainage pipe
As soon as the unnamed retiree was pulled out of the two-metre-deep, one-metre-wide drainage pipe, he prostrated in gratitude to those involved in his rescue. 
The exhausted and confused retiree told police he fell into the pipe on Wednesday as he was returning home from buying grilled chicken. However, some locals claimed they saw him on Thursday afternoon.
A 49-year-old security guard drowned last month while fishing inside the pipe system at the same location.

Published : March 22, 2019

By : Somkid Phrommee The Nation