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Indonesian millennial gives bride mutual funds as dowry

Teja Amanda Putra, 28, and Chintania “Intan” Rosaline, 26, tied the knot on March 9 at Padang State University’s (UNP) auditorium in Padang, West Sumatra.

Unlike most brides who receive gold, money or the latest brand name bags as a dowry, Intan received a diamond necklace set and mutual funds published by nine different asset management companies.
“I chose mutual funds as a dowry because our passion is to invest in our future. We also know that the Indonesian capital market generated the biggest return in the past 10 years,” said Teja as quoted by
Speaking to The Jakarta Post on Tuesday, Teja said he and his wife worked in the capital market industry and it was his idea to give mutual funds as a dowry.
“Fortunately, [Intan] agreed to it,” said Teja.
“My wife is also a [stock] trader, so she’s used to opening stock trading apps and buying capital market products,” said Teja, “She personally chose the mutual funds.”
The stock market enthusiast shared that he had initially planned to buy stocks instead of mutual funds but his employer did not allow him to do so. However, among the nine mutual funds, the majority are equity funds.
Teja hoped he could educate the public about stock savings through his wedding.
Since the wedding went viral, Teja has been receiving messages from strangers on Instagram, asking him to teach them about stocks and mutual funds.
Teja shared that there were plenty of opportunities to learn about the capital market, such as through the Indonesia Stock Exchange’s (IDX) representative offices in each province and various Instagram accounts. 
“[You can take] the capital market classes. You will get knowledge, a learning module and even free snacks and lunch,” he said.
As for avid social media users, Teja recommended following @ngertisaham and @pahamsahamon Instagram as the two accounts frequently shared information about the capital market.
“If you are still confused [do not hesitate] to send a direct message to the admin,” he said.
In addition to the two platforms, Teja shared that many investor communities could help aspiring investors. 
“There are securities companies in [other provinces] that can help guide aspiring investors,” he said.

Published : March 13, 2019

By : The Jakarta Post Asia News Network