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Samui airport’s deafened neighbours stage kite protest

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Soldiers and police were called to Samui International Airport on Wednesday after about 10 neighbours unhappy with compensation offers sent up a fleet of kites to blockade the end of the runway.

Most neighbours have accepted the airport’s offer of Bt50 million apiece as compensation for putting up with the noise and tremors of jets overhead and cracks in their walls, but some feel their aggravation has a higher price.
When the kites went up near the end of the western runway, the Samui Aeronautical Radio Centre called Borphut police for help and the police in turn phoned the Samui-based 45th Army Circle.
The troops arrived to find the kites still airborne and couldn’t initially talk the protesters into grounding them. The residents demanded to talk to airport management.
When police and soldiers offered to arrange and mediate a formal meeting at the police station on March 14, the kites finally fluttered to earth.

Published : March 06, 2019

By : The Nation