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Singapore police probing spat between teen cyclist, couple

SINGAPORE - A couple in their 60s and a teenage cyclist, who were involved in a heated confrontation in Pasir Ris on Thursday, are assisting the police in a case of voluntarily causing hurt.

A video of the incident, which took place in Pasir Ris Drive 3 towards Loyang Avenue, was recorded by the 15-year-old cyclist who uploaded it to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group that same night.

The altercation took place apparently after the cyclist had allegedly hit a car driven by the 60-year-old woman. Later, the couple also shared a video of the incident.

Their 15-second clip, taken from their car's in-vehicle cameras, was spliced together with footage taken by the cyclist and uploaded to the same Facebook group on Friday night.

In it, the cyclist can be seen bumping against the rear of the Audi which the woman was driving.

In footage of the incident, she and the 66-year-old man can be seen trying to grab the phone from the cyclist. The couple repeatedly accuse the cyclist of hitting their car and attempting to flee.

"You (did) not even stop. If we didn't stop you, you would never stop," says the woman. The cyclist responds: "There is a traffic light there and the light is green... if I stop, the car behind will ram into me."

He can also be heard claiming that he had already apologised, and that there was no damage done to the car, an Audi. The woman, however, insists that her vehicle had been scratched, and the trio continue arguing.

At one point, the man threatens to report the cyclist to the Land Transport Authority and to upload footage of the incident on social media.

Later, the couple demand that the cyclist hand over his identity card. The woman is then seen grabbing at the mobile phone, covering its camera lenses.

What sounded like a struggle ensues. The man could be heard repeatedly asking the cyclist if he wanted to fight.

As the three of them tussle, a passer-by tries to break up the altercation, telling the couple: "Explain to the police, please, but you cannot do this! The moment you fight him, you are in the wrong." But the trio continue arguing and struggling for the phone.

Later, the man threatens to call the police. The cyclist responds: "Call the police, that's the best thing to do. This is Singapore, the law protects the weak." The video ends with the trio going back to the struggle for the phone.

Published : March 02, 2019

By : The Straits Times ​​​​​​​Asia News Network