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Yala ranger shot dead in Songkhla house

A ranger based in Yala was shot dead on Sunday night at his home in Songkhla’s Muang district.

Pol Capt Adirek Burintrapibal, deputy inspector of Muang Songkhal police station, was alerted at 8.30pm of the shooting at a house in Moo 10 village in Tambon Pawong.
He said Charoen Moraphan, 43, died when a bullet hit him on the left of the chest.
His wife, Khiew, 43, said she was at the back of the house while Charoen was watching TV in the living room facing towards the front door.
Khiew said her husband was on leave from his Yala ranger base for two weeks.
Police said a gunman inserted a gun barrel through the front door and opened fire at Charoen, hitting once in the chest.
Police have yet to identify the motive for the killing.

Published : February 18, 2019

By : The Nation