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Two killed, seven injured in pickup crash in Nong Khai

Two people were killed and seven others were injured when a pickup truck hit a power pole in the middle of a road in Nong Khai's Sra Krai district on Friday evening.

Police said the accident happened at 7pm on the Nong Khai downtown-bound Mittraparp Road in Ban Nam Suay in Tambon Sra Krai of Sra Krai district.
Pitchaporn Wangngern, 48, died at the scene, while Siwathep Rojanatham, 22, died at Nong Khai hospital later.
The pickup driver, Kitipong Sriphet, 32, was among the injured who were taken to Nong Khai and Sra Krai hospitals.
Police said the pickup that was transporting workers hit a car from Laos, driven by Bounechiang Srisomphan, 36, before hitting the power pole.
Bounechiang said he was driving to Nong Khai to head back to his country in the middle lane when he saw the pickup on the right lane changing lane toward his car to avoid a motorcycle ahead of it.
Bounechiang said the pickup then slightly hit the front of his car before it swerved to the right lane again and hit the power pole.
Kitipong could not be interviewed by police after the accident because of the seriousness of his injuries.

Published : January 26, 2019

By : The Nation