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FRIDAY, December 02, 2022
True launches digital strategy

True launches digital strategy

THURSDAY, January 10, 2019

True4U Channel 24 says it has strengthened its content and adjusts schedules to provide high-quality entertainment that best suits audiences in the digital era.

The new content schedule is tailored to best suit behaviour and preferences of audiences in the digital era, so they can access high quality contents via OMNI-Channel platforms, besides television. Highlights include Secret Garden and Voice, and variety shows – GOT7 Real Thai, Cuteboy Thailand and Melody to Masterpiece and You Are My Fantasy. 
Apicha Honghirunruang, Managing Director at True4U said: “True4U’s business direction in 2019 will focus on world-class quality content, in addition to sports content which is our strength. We’ll have more movies, series, game shows, variety shows, and reality programmes created to best serve our audience. 
“We also adjusted the content schedule to match with the audience’s schedule. The improvements reflect multi-screen consumer behaviour while synergising key strengths of our partners including True CJ Creations, a joint-venture between True Corporation and CJ ENM, a leading entertainment company from Korea, and other top producers such as acclaimed director, Bhandevanop Devakul and Halo Productions who produced a lot of excellent series.
Teerasak Arunrermwattana, Group Director, True Content and Media director said the aim was to serve more than 38 million True customers, whatever product or service they used. “True for All is combination of innovative communication solutions and the best content for each individual audience in all segments. Meanwhile, More4U represents more value that the audience will get from True4U,” Teerasak said. “These values are freedom to watch True4U on other platforms. This is an Omni-Channel TV experience which audiences can choose to watch on social media allows brands to communicate with the right target audience and offer great brand experience that will enhance relationships between the brands in their customers.”