Thu, June 30, 2022


752 vehicles seized from drunk drivers on first two days of New Year clampdown

Authorities temporarily seized 752 vehicles from intoxicated drivers on the first two days of the “Seven Dangerous Days” of the New Year holidays.

Col Sirichan Ngathong, deputy spokeswoman of the National Council for Peace and Order, told a press conference on Saturday that on Friday, the second day of the stepped-up enforcement, 451 motorcycles and 213 other vehicles were seized by the authorities from drivers considered to be too intoxicated to drive safely.
From Thursday to Friday, 514 motorcycles and 238 other vehicles were seized and the two days period saw 25,826 drunk drivers arrested, she added.
On Friday alone, 21,383 drunk drivers were arrested, she said.

Published : December 29, 2018

By : The Nation