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Ambulance slams into truck in Trang, 1 killed

An ambulance crashed into a truck in Trang province Wednesday morning, killing an assistant nurse and injuring two others.

The ambulance was on its way back to the hospital after delivering a patient to the intended destination. 

Police said the accident occurred on a bypass road in the province’s Huai Yot district before 6am. The ambulance belongs to the Wattanapat Hospital Trang. Assistant nurse Bongkot Sripetch, 26, was killed at the scene, while nurse Pimchanok Kwansian, 26, and driver Paisan Sornnarin, 40, were seriously injured.

Ambulance slams into truck in Trang, 1 killed

Police believe the ambulance driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. They will also speak to the truck driver, Prayoon Srisongkhram.

Published : December 26, 2018

By : The Nation