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Endangered Malacca Teak trees cut down in Khao Daeng forest

Forestry officials and police in Songkhla's Saba Yoy district on Thursday found two Iron Wood (Malacca Teak) trees, one aged 100 years and the other 60 years, that had been cut down and processed into 178 planks in Khao Daeng forest.

Kho Daeng forest - known as the country's most fertile source of Iron Wood trees - is poised to be registered as part of a national park, officials said.
Malacca Teak is among the world's most endangered wood species.
Following a tip-off by local residents that some people had cut down old trees in the forest without permission, officials and police inspected the area and found two stumps - one with a 3-metre radius and the other with 2-metre radius - near a pile of 178 planks.
A shack with basic cooking tools and some clothes was also found but no-one was in the area. Authorities suspect they had been tipped-off and fled.
It was suspected that the culprits were local people who wanted to use the planks to build a house.

Published : December 20, 2018

By : Santiparp Ramasut The Nation