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Malaysians outraged by murder of transgender

PETALING JAYA: The recent case of a 32-year-old transgender woman being beaten to death has sparked outrage among Malaysians.

Many were angered by the murder, adding that no one had a right to harm or kill others, just because they are different.

The victim is believed to have been beaten by several men wielding blunt weapons in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, on Wednesday night (Dec 12).

According to the post-mortem report, she suffered a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain, and had 32 groups of injuries inflicted upon her.

There is no indication that it was a hate crime, but many suspect so.

Facebook user Erin WIlson said: "Everyone is entitled to their own life, as long as it does not harm others. Be kind if anything, everyone has their own struggle".

Sze Tian Poh added: "You have no right to harm and kill others, even if they are different from you".

Others said that the culprits should face harsh punishments, including the death penalty.

A comment by Kan W H read: "The culprits need to face the law...and harsh punishment," while Wilfred Kj believed that the "culprits must be brought to jail immediately".

Some strongly believe that there should be no mercy for such culprits.

Troy Choy said: "Death for a death I say. No mercy. Just justice", and Yewah Yim added "death penalty is a must."

Others said that Malaysia was not ready for the abolishment of the death penalty, especially in the light of cases like this.

Richie Nga commented that this was one of the many reasons why the death penalty "has to stay" as "Malaysia has no place for murderers".

Echoing the same sentiment, Nageswary Parthiban says: "With the death penalty taken off, we might see more of these cases".

The case is being investigated as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.


Published : December 14, 2018

By : The Star Asia News Network